Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wintry Drinks and Treats Exchange Sign Up...Yes already!! ;)

Hey girls!
Yes..I know it's really early to be starting sign ups for the winter drinks and treats exchange, BUT...I want to give everybody a little extra time to sign up so everyone who wants to join will have a chance. ;)

This time, instead of emailing me, I've made a form for you to sign up in. It makes it so much simpler. :)
So here's how the wintry drinks and treats exchange works. I'll give you a girl to send your wintry treats to, but you'll be receiving wintry treats from a different girl. That way you get to know to people. For the wintry drinks, I'd suggest something like hot cocoa packets or special flavours of hot cocoa, or apple cider. But other wintry drinks work too! And for wintry treats, I'm thinking things like candy canes or cookies of sorts. 
I'm thinking everybody should try to send at least one wintry drink and one wintry treat, and then anything extra you may like to add. ;)
I'm not exactly sure yet when sign up ends, probably early to mid November. 

Sign up link:

Do you have questions or comments?
Let me know!
And please share! If you have a friend you think might be interested, let them know! ;)
I can't wait! This'll be fun! ;)
Have a sparkly day!

P.S I'll be adding the sign up link to every few posts so that it doesn't get lost in my posts, and people just forget about it. ;P


  1. That sounds like fun Katie, but unfortunately I won't be able to participate. I'm already doing two exchanges this year. Maybe another time.

    1. Aw, that's too bad! But I'm definitely wanting to do this again next year! ;)

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