Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tea Giveaway!!

Hey everyone! It's New Year's Eve!! Soon, it'll be 2016!!!!!!
So...I've decided to have a giveaway!! This one is really small, but I'm sure you'll like it either way!! The pictures aren't the best because I had to take it in the dark with flash, so that my shadow wouldn't be looming over, so yeah...
I know that everyone doesn't have tea, but I would like to have more giveaways in 2016!

Here's what I'm giving away! I'm giving away 3 tea bags, so kind of a tea sampler.  And this will all go to one winner. 

This one is delicious! It's Chamomile with almond, and according to the back it says: "This product is caffeine free and produces a calming influence". It's really good before bed! 

This one is Tazo Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple. This one smells so good!!
It's "spiced apple nestles with rich rooibos for a sweetly indulgent herbal infusion, with other natural flavours." This one is also caffeine free!

This is the last one! I absolutely LOVE this one!!! It's my favourite for cold weather especially and perfect with some heavy whipping cream. It's Twinings Chai Pumpkin Spice Tea. It's "Fine black tea perfectly balanced with the flavours of pumpkin and savoury spices of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice"! SO GOOD!!

There ya have it! 
Now here's how to enter:
Comment below with your entries.

1 free entry (You just comment saying you want to enter.)
1 entry, answer this question in the comments: What's your absolute favourite tea? (Now you have another entry if you answer this question in the comments)

1 entry, share this either on your blog, or on a social media, and please leave the link in the comments. :)

1 entry, Answer my survey. If you already have, just let me know in the comments. 

This giveaway ends January 7th, of....2016!!
Have a sparkly new year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Favourite Blogs/ 50th Post!!!

Hey everyone! 
I can't believe it!!! This is my 50th post on Sparkly Ambitions!!! 
I would really love to have a giveaway sometime soon, but I need to find something first! I really don't have the money to send anything big, sadly, or I would send something fun, like a book, or stationary, or something! I'm thinking maybe some tea, or bracelets, or something simple! Any ideas? 

How's everyone been? I can't believe it's almost 2016!! It seems like this past year has gone by so quickly. I'm thinking about maybe having a day in pictures on either New Year's Eve and/or New Year's Day! 

 So here's an update on my life: My Christmas was wonderful! Right now I'm on a school break (happily) until next Wednesday (not tomorrow though). Yay!! We have been getting A LOT of rain here, which is not fun when it causes flooding problems! Ack! So yeah, has anyone else been getting crazy weather lately? 

And now to some of my favourite blog...I follow quite a few blogs, but I'm not going to put all of them because some of the ones that I follow either rarely post or kinda just stopped posting. So here are my top favourites that I read on a regular basis! ;) 

A Barefoot Gal
A Friend Loves At All Times
Author of My Hope
Cover Up For Christ
Every Bit of Lovely
Maddy's Digital Diaries
Living Joyfully
Lord's Girls
Our Wood Home
Precious Moments
The 3 Musketeers
Reflections of The Heart
The Bubblegum Ballerina
The Short End of Things
Trusting in The Lord
Uniquely You
Writing For His Glory
Girls Living For God's Glory

I encourage you guys to go and check out some of these blogs! Thanks for stopping by! ;) 
And if you haven't, could you please go answer my survey Here!! ;)
Have a sparkly day!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Survey!!

Hey everyone! 
Here's my new survey for 2015! It would mean a lot to me if all my readers could take a few minutes to answer it!!! :) Thank you!!

Just click on the link: 
2015 Survey

Have a sparkly day!

Christmas Gifts 2015

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? 
Honestly, I didn't get around to taking pictures of all our Christmas decorations, and it's a bit late either way to be posting the ones that I did take, sooo...I decided to take pictures of some of the gifts I received. 

Aren't these Olaf pajamas cute?! They're so toasty, and adorable!! I love them! :)

Mmm....I absolutely love these chocolates!! I've only had 2 so far. It's British chocolate, and British chocolate is sooooo good!! 

An Elsa snuggie!! I am really Frozen obsessed, so this is perfect! ;P 

Oooooo, I LOVE this palette!! It has SO many different colours!!! Which means, I can do a lot of different looks!! 

I had taken a picture of mine, but it turned out the picture was blurry and I really didn't want to set it up again so...I found this picture! I love glitter, so these are perfect!!! 

This is a bad picture so I'm going to tell you what they are! These are the elf matte lip pencils in Cranberry, Berry Sorbet, Dash of Pink, and Rich Red! I actually am really liking the elf matte lip pencils! The formula is creamy, and elf is a really inexpensive makeup option!! 

Now, this, this is really cool! You can make paper beads out of practically any paper! I took wrapping paper and made Christmas paper beads!! 

Frozen Socks!!!!! 

Isn't this such a pretty scarf?? :) 

Isn't this such a pretty tea pot?? The top half of it is the actual tea pot part, and the bottom half is the cup. They fit together though, so it's easy storage! I am really loving this tea pot! I've been enjoying having "tea time" during the afternoons. I make some tea in my tea pot, and then I pull out a few of my British chocolates! I actually got some other British Chocolates, other than the box of chocolates at the top...I got 6 British candy bars, and Buttons (That's a kind of British candy) . So yeah! I got a LOT of candy!! I'm not even kidding, I managed to stuff it all in a gallon sized resealable bag!! And my birthday is next month, and you know what that means...MORE CANDY!!! :O

This bag is so pretty!! It goes perfectly with my space kitty leggings and the new shirt I got below!! I just love it!! 

Here's what the front of my shirt looks like! Like with the glitter pencils, it turned out I didn't get a very good picture of it! So yeah, It's Spongebob and Patrick on a space kitty!! What do you think of it? ;P 

There ya go! What did you get for Christmas? :) 

Have a sparkly day!

P.S I can't believe it's almost 2016 already!!! I'm going to be 16 next month!!! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Announcements and Rambles

Hey everyone!

So I have a few announcements!!
First off, I just did a interview with Ellie for Christmas, and I'd love it if you would check it out! Here's the link: Christmas Interview!  I had a lot of fun answering these questions!

Second off, I am hoping to have a survey up within the next few days, after Christmas, for my new year survey!! Go ahead and get an idea of what you would like to see from me during 2016! (I can't believe I'm going to be 16 in just a month!! :0) 

Third off, It's so close to Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

I am HOPING to have a post up tomorrow with my decorations and stuff, but there are no guarantees!! I need to get some pictures of my Christmas trees at night, and then I need to go outside and get some pictures of our lights outside! (Which we happen to have a skunk that likes to roam around in our area at night, so it's hard going outside at night! Like we had big plans to go outside this winter and do more astronomy with our 5 telescopes...but that skunk has ruined our plans. :( ) Actually, a funny story, the other night, me and my mama were out going for a walk down our road after dark, and we were keeping a look out for the skunk. So we were walking, and just a few houses ahead of us, we saw it running down the road (It really looked like it was coming at us too!!) so we started running back to the house! 
So yeah! ;P 

Thanks for stopping by!!
I hope you have a merry Christmas!!
Have a sparkly day!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nail Art Ideas: Christmas

Hey everyone!
There are sooooooo  many beautiful Christmas nail art ideas out there!! So prepare for a lot of ideas!!! (All these pictures I got online! ;)) 

Candy canes!! I love this deep red colour!
This one is super difficult to do though!
These don't look TOO difficult! They're super cute!!

Christmas lights nails!!

Santa nails! These are cute! ;)
There were a LOT of beautiful snowflake designs, but I decided to post this one! ;)
Cute!! But super duper hard to do!!

Christmas trees!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Coming up soon is another Christmas post about what fun things we've been doing the days leading up to Christmas! ;) 
Which design is your favourite? 
Have a sparkly day!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hot Chocolate Inspiration

Hey everyone! I'm going to share some hot chocolate recipes I found for you to give you a bit of inspiration! I haven't tried these, I just found some particularly scrumptious-looking pictures of the hot cocoas! Let me know which of these you have tried or would like to try! ;) 

1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate:
Marshmallow fluff on the rim of the cup, dipped in crushed peppermint stick. Mix in peppermint extract in the hot cocoa.


2. Mexican Hot Chocolate:
Stir in cinnamon and cayenne in hot chocolate. Big marshmallow on top.

3. Caramel Hot Chocolate:
Stir caramel in hot chocolate. Drizzle caramel on whipped cream. 

4. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate:
Stir peanut butter in hot chocolate.

5. Ice Cream Hot Chocolate:
Drop a scoop of ice cream in your hot chocolate. 

6. Espresso/Coffee Hot Chocolate:
Add some coffee in hot chocolate.

7. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate:
To a glass of milk, add white chocolate chips. 

8. Frozen Hot Chocolate:
Mix ice, milk, and hot cocoa mix in blender.

9. S’mores Hot Chocolate:
Toast marshmallows in the oven. Top hot chocolate with the marshmallow and crushed graham crackers. Drizzle with chocolate syrup if desired. 

10. Once Upon A Time Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

Have a sparkly day!

P.S. I happened to run across a recipe for Frozen Hot Chocolate, like the movie Frozen. I want some!! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Kitties!!!

Hey everyone! 
I have some pictures of my kitties!! Doesn't everyone like kitties? ;P 

I like to call this picture "Sombrero Kitty!" :)


Jasper curled up with me on a Sunday night.


Which one's your favourite? Do you want more kitty pics in the future? :) 
Have a sparkly day!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friends/Celestial Journey Poetry

Hey everyone! 
I've decided to republish some of my poems I published on my old blog Lilies of Grace! I wrote these back in August of 2014! ;) You'll have to let me know how you like them! 


Keep your friends close to your heart,
And with them you shall never part,
If they are true you will know,
They bring you back up when you are low,

Everything is better when there are two,
Makes it a better world for me and you,
Friends surely are a gift from above,
Someone you can trust, and cherish, and love.

My Celestial Journey

The beautiful heavens glitter from above, 
Reminding me of the glorious Saviour I love,
Moonshine reflects off the silvery stream,
Like one beautiful starry dream,

Oh how I wish I could be up there,
Soaring oh so high without a care!

The gleaming moon now crosses my way,
Thoughts fly through my head, on the crisp, green grass I lay,
Under my celestial blanket, I start to fall to asleep,
Now I'm shooting through space with my memories I'll always keep.

Thanks for stopping by!
Which one's your favourite? 
Would you like to see more poetry in the future?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10 Fun Ideas To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit!

Hey everyone! 
It's only 25 days until Christmas..can you believe that? It feels like the days are going by so quickly! ;P
Today, I have a list of activities you can do to get into the spirit of Christmas! Enjoy!

1. Go Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends! This is always a fun thing to do! (I just went Christmas shopping yesterday!)

2. Have a hot cocoa night! Bake some fresh cookies and make some homemade hot cocoa. I'm actually going to have a hot cocoa post with all sorts of different hot cocoa recipes (for example a spicy hot cocoa, or peppermint hot cocoa!)! Does this sound like a good idea?

3. Christmas movie night!! Pull out your favourite Christmas movie(s) and have popcorn and winter treats! (Don't forget the hot cocoa!)

4. Putting up the Christmas tree! Have everyone get involved and put their ornaments on! And then afterwards, have winter treats! (Apparently I want to eat a lot during the holidays!) ;)

5. Build a gingerbread house! Last year we got the gingerbread house village (It has 5 houses), and we each got to decorate our own house!

6. Have a slumber party under the tree! (Not literally under the tree....beside the tree!) 
Order a pizza, and later have a Christmas-y dessert! And don't forget the Christmas movies!!

7. Go out and get a special winter drinks! They have so many delicious flavours during this time of year! I'm going to Starbucks this coming Monday to get one of their Christmas drinks! ;) 

8. Make homemade Christmas cards for your friends and family! 

9. Drive around and look at the Christmas lights! We like to drive around our neighbourhood every year to look at the Christmas lights, and we always have hot cocoa and cookies too. ;)

10. Have a cozy night! Grab a book, sit by the fireplace, make yourself hot cocoa or tea, and have a small wintry treat!

Thanks for stopping by! 
What is your favourite Christmas tradition? 
Do you like to drive around and look at Christmas lights?
Have a sparkly day!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey everyone!
One of the hardest things about the holiday season is trying to decide what gift to get somebody! There are so many things you want to get them, but then everything's too expensive!! 

So here's my gift ideas list for girls/women... These should all be RELATIVELY inexpensive yet something they'll love!

My first idea is a movie night kit. (I'm actually doing this one for one of my best friends!) 
Here's what you'll need a popcorn bucket. It doesn't really matter what kind it is. Just something that's big and looks like a bowl and lots of popcorn will fit in it! ;) 
Then get a box of popcorn (I got extra buttery for her!) and a box of their favourite candy. You can get a little extra for this too, whether it be extra candy, warm socks, a new DVD, stuff like that!

Another idea is a cozy night at home kit. There is a WIDE range of things you could get for this one!! I would definitely suggest a mug, a warm drink pouch (like hot cocoa or tea), and a treat of some sort. Some extra stuff to include could be warm socks or a book! I love shopping at the Dollar Tree for gifts! They have so many cool stuff, and it's so inexpensive! I've already bought 3 adorable mugs from the Dollar Tree just for friends! Honestly, I always turn to the Dollar Tree for gifts of all sorts because they have such a wide range of items!

This next idea is a good idea for those who have a lot of pen pals or those who write a lot of letters. A stationary set! Get some cute stationary paper, some cool pens, envelopes, stamps, erasers, pencils, the list just goes on! There are so many cute stationary items out there that it wouldn't even be hard to find cool designed pens or pencils! 

Each of these gift ideas would probably cost less than $10! 
I hope you liked these ideas! You're going to have to let me know if you use any of them! ;)
Have a sparkly day everyone!
P.S Are you ready for some more holiday-themed posts yet? 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nail Art Ideas: Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!
I'm going to share some nail art inspiration I found online for Thanksgiving! 
Some of these are pretty, but not really doable for me. ;)

I got most of these from Here.
They have a lot more cute designs there!
Which design is your favourite? 
I really like the cherry pie nails. I wish I could do those! I don't think I even have the right colours though! ;P Plus, those would be kinda hard to do! 
Have a sparkly day!
Do you like these kind of nail art idea posts?

Friday, November 20, 2015

No Pants November Challenge: Week 2

Hey everyone! 
So week 2 of the No Pants November Challenge is a bit late, I know! I was first going to take pictures Wednesday, but then we didn't have time because it was a super busy day. And then I took the pictures Thursday, but I didn't have time to post them! Why? Because I went to go see Mockingjay Part 2 in theatres!!! Is anyone wanting to see that movie? I had an awesome time! I thought it was better than Part 1! I got to go see it with a friend and then she got to stay over at my house, and we stayed up till 4:30 watching movies! ;) Surprisingly, I'm not tired, even though I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night!
So anyway...time for some outfits!

The is my first outfit! Super pink!! 
Marie T-Shirt: Target- $4 (on sale)
Skirt: Handmade
Coat: Wal-Mart- $20

"Think Happy Thoughts" T-Shirt: Disney Store-$15
Skirt: Target-$15-$20

And some bonus nail art for the Mockingjay movie premiere! ;) 

Thanks for stopping by! 
Do you want to see the Mockingjay movie?
What's your favourite outfit?
Have a sparkly day!