Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sweet Sixteen Part 2

Hey everyone!
I decided to go ahead and post part 2 of my sweet sixteen! 
Now, sadly, I don't have any pictures. :( I kinda just forgot, and I was out ice skating with a friend, and it's probably not a good idea to take pictures while ice skating either way. 
So for my sweet sixteen, I decided instead of throwing like a big party, and inviting a ton of people, I decided just to do a couple of different things with a couple of my best friends! 

I decided I would like to go ice skating with my friend Maggie! We had a blast!!
We were there for three hours, and trust me, ice skating can be exhausting!! Have you been ice skating before? 
I took lessons when I was like 8, and then I went one other time with another friend just a few weeks back, so I was a beginner! But hey, I didn't fall this time!! Last time I went with my friend, I got this huge bruise on my elbow from falling, and it was there for like a couple of weeks! :P 
We skated for an hour or so, but we got hungry! There were these rundown vending machines in the corner of the building, so we decided to get a snack! Gosh...they seriously must have been old! We tried to get a drink from one of the machines, but all it would do was say that we had to select another drink. So we had to use a DIFFERENT machine, luckily, this one worked. It would only take dollar bills though!! If you tried to put coins in it, it wouldn't work!! I ended up with Pepsi and she ended up with a sprite. The snack machine seemed to work just fine though! Except for the fact that the machine was in the same room as the ice rink, so all the food was like cold, and I got starbursts...and cold starbursts are super hard to eat because they're like rock hard!! :/ That's ok though! We got a pack of doughnut sticks too. ;P 
So then after that, we went to go do more skating! We talked about everything- from food, to crushes, to music, and everything in between! ;P 
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a sparkly day!
Do you like to ice skate? Do you like these kind of life posts?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Photo Contest Winner!!

Hey everyone!
It's time to announce the winner of the photo contest!! 
First off, thanks to everyone who entered! I loved everybody's pictures, and it was REALLY hard to pick just one!!! I think it would be fun to do another photo contest in the future with a bit bigger of a prize, but this one was more of an experimental one and see how it goes! It turned out well. ;) 
Another announcement I would like to say is that it may be a little bit before I can post my sweet sixteen part 2, because I was originally going to have a sleepover this Friday, but we're going to have to postpone it a few weeks, because she is sick. :( But I did do another part of my birthday yesterday! I could either go ahead and post a part 2, and then have a part 3, or I can just wait a few weeks, and do just part 2! Which one would you prefer??

Okay, and now finally to the winner.........

Congratulations, Maddy!!! I think this is a very beautiful picture!! :) 
Great job!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!
Have a sparkly day!
P.S Do you think I should have another contest like this in the future? ;) 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Photo Contest Entries

Hey everyone! How have you been? 
I decided to go ahead and post the pictures entered in the photo contest, and I shall announce the winner on Wednesday. ;) 
Here ya go!

These are Maddy's entries! She has both a blog and an etsy shop:
Great job, Maddy! You have some very beautiful pictures here! ;) 

These are Sir Chess King's entries. 
Nice job! You have a very unique picture of Jasper there! ;P 

And to Aloha UK's entries! (Love the name!) 
Wonderful job! You got a very good picture of that squirrel! ;) 

And now Shelby's entries!
She has 2 blogs. 
Lovely photos! Good job! :) 

Here is Pony Lover's entry! 
Looks like you got Alice mid yawn! ;) Nice!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I already have the winner chosen, but I won't be announcing it until Wednesday. ;) 
Which one is your favourite? 
Have a sparkly day!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sweet Sixteen Part 1

Hey everyone!
As most of you may know, Friday was my birthday!!! I am officially 16!!!

I've been sick sadly, so....
But on Tuesday was my birthday celebration! For birthdays, we prefer just to stay home and play games and that kinda stuff, rather than do a whole ton of big stuff! I didn't really get a lot of pictures because I was having fun, but I got a few! 
For my birthday breakfast, I decided I would like to have an extra cheesy omelette, a cup of coffee yogurt, and toast! For the past two years, it's been a tradition on your birthday, you get to have a whole 2 litre of soda to I got to choose one of my favourites-Mountain Dew Code Red!! (This is like my favourite soda!!)
I'm sure all of you know by now, that I am a HUGE Frozen fan! My family knows me well!! I got a frozen-themed sweet sixteen, complete with an Olaf Deluxe Pinata! (I'm not kidding, I have WAY too much candy for my own good...I literally have over a grocery bag full of birthday candy...AND I'M NOT DONE WITH CHRISTMAS CANDY!!) 
The table was complete with a Frozen table clothe and Frozen plates, and table decorations, and streamers, EVERYTHING!! ;)  I even got Frozen Temporary Tattoos! ;P 
For the games, we played some boards games, like Forbidden Island, Wink, and Apples To Apples. Then we watched Finding Nemo.
Now for dinner, we were originally planning on eating at Olive Garden, but our favourite server wasn't working there that evening, so we decided to wait until he was working, so instead...we went to Pelanchos!! I LOVE their food!! And that was my birthday celebration! I had a lot of fun!! :)
Has anyone been getting a lot of snow? We got some on Wednesday and Saturday! Not a lot though. I know that up in the New England area though..they've been getting Blizzard Warnings! 
I didn't do a lot on my actual birthday on Friday, but it was still special. :) I had to get sick yet again though the day before my birthday..
I got up that morning and got myself a special birthday frappe from Starbucks (I had a coupon!). And I'm not kidding when I said special! I had a free coupon, so I got the largest size, and asked for extra caramel! I don't know if you can really tell in the picture, but like the whole whipped cream is covered in a thick layer of caramel! YUM!!

I mostly relaxed the rest of the day, hanging out, colouring in my new cat adult colouring book my parents got me for my birthday! I got some really sweet gifts from both family and friends! My family got me the colouring book, a pair of baby socks for my hope chest, and some make up glitter!! Then from my friends I got a super cute mug, a dip recipe book, lip gloss (Thanks, you know who you are! I love your gift!! ;)) a $5 gift card for Taco Bell (You know me so well!! :)), and purple mascara and eyeliner (This has been on my wish list for like a year, I'm not even kidding!!), and of course more candy!! ;P 
Later on my birthday, I watched 16 Wishes, and Sixteen Candles, both suitable for a sweet sixteen! ;) 
There ya have it!
Thank you all so much for your wonderful blogging ideas! Life's been a bit wonky lately. 
Have a sparkly day!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Hey everyone!
For some reason, I just can't seem to think of anything to post about....most of my family (including me) has been sick, so I just haven't posted the past few days. I just seem to have lost some inspiration...
My 16th birthday is going to be in just a few days, this Friday. :) 
Nothing special's really been going on lately...
Does anybody have any blogging ideas? 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Contests: Writer and Photography

Hey everyone!
So guess what??
I've decided to have a writing contest and a photography contest!!!
I think this will be super fun!!
This winner of the writing contest and the winner of the photography contest will receive a guest post on my blog and an honourary title (pretty much a picture with your name announced as the winner)!
Now to the rules...
For the writing contest the story must be between 700-1500 words. 
And for the harder part, I would like these 3 things to be included in your story....
A Princess
A Cat
And....A Quill
Sound good? And for this contest, I will be announcing the winner on February 3rd, and I would like all entries in by January 31st. I'm looking for creative writers and ideas in this contest! If this is a success, I would like to have a goofy story writing contest in the future with some random things that have to be included, but this time I decided to keep it easier. ;P 

The rules for the Photography contest...well...there really aren't any rules!! There is a limit of 2 entries per person, and they can be of anything that inspires you or you thinks pretty. I'll be choosing the winner of the contest by whichever photo is my favourite. I will announce the winner January 27th and I would like all entries in by January 25th.

Now I'll be posting all the entries of stories and pictures on posts so that everyone can see (unless if you would prefer me not to.) And then I'll announce the winner at the end of the post. Does that sound good?

Please email me at with your entries.
Thank you!
Have a sparkly day!

About Me Questions, Ask! ;)

Hey everyone!
I really haven't posted much this year yet, but I'm more of getting my ideas together more than anything. 
So first, here's my project for you. I would like you to give me questions. It's come to my attention that I post stuff about what I like, but not a lot about me, so I would like to know what you want to know about me! Obviously I won't be answering any creepy or inappropriate things, but for example a question could be what are some of your hobbies, or maybe even something about my favourites, like my favourite colour. Just whatever you would like to know! And I'll add some extra questions of my own. ;) So hopefully I'll have my about me post up soon.
Ask away!
Have a sparkly day!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Giveaway Winner!!!

Hey everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway!! I really would like to host more in the future!!
Now for the winner.........................
I chose the winner using a random name picker..

The winner is..........................................................................................................


Yay!!!! Please leave me your email address in the contact box in the side of my blog! ;) 
I will have to choose a new winner if I don't hear from you within a few days. :( So please leave me your email address soon! 

Thanks again for all those who entered!!!
Have a sparkly day!

P.S Giveaway ideas??? ;)