Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Do I Want To Do With My Life?

Hey girls!

What do you want to do with your life? 
Now I'm in 10th grade and I need to be deciding what I would like to spend the rest of my life doing career wise. 

When I was little, I went through a ton of ideas of what I would like to do. I considered everything to a midwife or doula, to a baker, and even to a Wal-Mart cashier (this was when I was super little though. I loved the idea of scanning stuff. ;P)!
I've narrowed it now quite a lot, and I know the basics of what I want to do...I would like to work with animals.

In the next couple of years, age 16-17, I am hoping to do some volunteer work. I know I would like to volunteer for our local zoo. 
I also know that I would like to work/live in Alaska. I am considering either working as a marine biologist or a zoologist. 

Lately I have been giving my career a lot of thought, because I need to be planning where I would like to go to college, what kind of degrees I would like to work for, that kind of stuff. 
I will probably go to college for 6-8 years working for a doctorate degree. 
I will probably go to a couple of local colleges for my first 2-4 years, and then I am wanting to go to a college in Alaska for the other 2-4 years, working for a doctorate degree.

What do you want to do with your life?
Any questions or comments?


Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Day in Pictures #1: School Day

Hey girls! It's time for my first My Day in Pictures post! This one is just of my schoolwork that I do everyday, like my curriculums and schedule. 

I start by getting up at 7, and having breakfast at 7:20. 
Then we start school at 8. Every subject period is 40 minutes.

This is my school table where I do most of my work!
For my language arts, I wrote a story, so I don't really have a picture for that.
And I also don't have a  picture of my science because I watched a video today. 

I just took a picture of this because it looks cool, haha. ;)
It looks like the sun is ginormous.

I don't have coffee everyday, but I decided to have some today. That's my creamer. It's delicious!


Here's my math program! I do it on the computer. It's called Teaching Textbooks. 

Next is Spanish! I take Rosetta Stone.

I'm going to be taking SAT at the end of the school year, so I'm studying every school day for it. (Yeah, I know it's a PSAT study guide, but I'm taking the PSAT sometime too.
Here is my Geography/History curriculum. It's actually really interesting! It packs a ton of information into a small section. Right now I'm learning about South America. 
This pictures a bit blurry, but you can still read it. This is my elective for the year. Right now it's really easy, but it's lengthy problems. 

And of course I have to throw in some adorable pics of my cats! ;) 
This one is Jasper.

And this one is Alice!

Did you like it?
How do your school days work?
Have a sparkly day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wintry Drinks and Treats Exchange Sign Up...Yes already!! ;)

Hey girls!
Yes..I know it's really early to be starting sign ups for the winter drinks and treats exchange, BUT...I want to give everybody a little extra time to sign up so everyone who wants to join will have a chance. ;)

This time, instead of emailing me, I've made a form for you to sign up in. It makes it so much simpler. :)
So here's how the wintry drinks and treats exchange works. I'll give you a girl to send your wintry treats to, but you'll be receiving wintry treats from a different girl. That way you get to know to people. For the wintry drinks, I'd suggest something like hot cocoa packets or special flavours of hot cocoa, or apple cider. But other wintry drinks work too! And for wintry treats, I'm thinking things like candy canes or cookies of sorts. 
I'm thinking everybody should try to send at least one wintry drink and one wintry treat, and then anything extra you may like to add. ;)
I'm not exactly sure yet when sign up ends, probably early to mid November. 

Sign up link:

Do you have questions or comments?
Let me know!
And please share! If you have a friend you think might be interested, let them know! ;)
I can't wait! This'll be fun! ;)
Have a sparkly day!

P.S I'll be adding the sign up link to every few posts so that it doesn't get lost in my posts, and people just forget about it. ;P

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Series Starting! ;)

Hey girls! I'm starting a couple new series!!! 
The first one is my Autumn Outfit Series. I won't be starting this one immediately. I'll probably start it next month sometime, once I start wearing my autumn/wintry outfits. ;)
I'm not sure how often I'll be posting a new outfit, but I already have a few in mind that I want to do. :) 

Here's the picture I'll be putting on my Autumn Outfit Series Posts. 

And the next series is My Day in Pictures. It's pretty simple. I'll choose a day every once in awhile and just take a random photo every hour or so. ;) It sounds really fun!

                                 And this is the picture I'll be using for My Day in Pictures Posts. 

There ya have it! Do they sound cool? 
Have a sparkly day!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Question and Answer #1

Hey girls! It's time for a question and answer post! These questions were sent to me a long time ago, and I'm finally getting around to answering them! 

1. Whats your favorite, Night or Day? 
Ooo...hard! Probably the night though! ;)

2. Favourite show? Why?
Just one? I can't choose just one!! Right now I'm watching Really Me, Revolution, and Ghost Whisperer, but my absolute favourite is probably...H20! It's just so fun!

3. You just found a wallet with over $1,000 in it, your first thought is too?
Who does it belong to?! I would be seeing if there's any sort of identification inside probably.

4. Pizza or Cheeseburger?

5 . You just found a door in the back of your closet. You: A. go in of course B. cover it up act like its not there C. wait for a friend explore with he/her D. go and tell an adult. Which do you pick? 
Go in of course!! I would be seriously excited! ;)

6. How would you describe yourself in three words?
I always find these kind of questions hard....I would say kind, loyal, and silly!

7. What type of candy? 
My favourite candy? Too many to choose one! I love starbursts a lot though!

8. What job do you want to have?
I'm thinking about being a marine biologist. :) 

9. If you could acquire one skill immediately, and be proficient at it, which skill would you choose?
One skill? Oh, I really don't know!! 

10. Dill or sweet pickle?

11. Have you ever wanted a pet?
I have 2 kitties! :) 

12. Do you like shopping at fabric stores?'s fun looking at the fabric and stuff, but I don't really sew, so..

13. Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
Cut most of the time!

14. What is your catch phrase or something you say a lot?
I say "I'll give it a go." or "Isn't that just too bad?" a lot. 

15. Have you played any sports?
I don't really play any sports now, but I use to take gymnastics, and tennis lessons. :)

16. Would you rather spend a day walking backwards or walking with a smiley face Sharpied on your forehead?
Definitely with a smiley face sharpied to my forehead! ;)

17. Favorite weather?
It depends! Sometimes I want storms, and sunny days, or a snowy day! 

18. Do you like the snow?
Sometimes yes! It can be inconvenient sometimes though. But it's fun to play in and it's pretty! :) 

19. Would you change your name?
Probably not. I'm too use to my name being Katie. ;P 

20. Do you watch the news?

Thanks for stopping by! I had fun answering these! 
Do you have any questions you would like me to answer on my blog? Leave me a comment or send me an email

What's your catch phrase? 
Day or night?
Have a sparkly day! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Funny Animal Memes ;)

Hey girls! 
Who doesn't like cute animals?! I love them! These are both adorable and hilarious memes of animals. ;) Enjoy!

Which one was your favourite?  
I can't pick one!
Have a sparkly day!

Monday, September 7, 2015

My Life Lately #1

Hey girls!
How are you doing?
I have decided to start posting a bit more on my life and what's going on. 
Right now, nothing really exciting is happening. 
First off, don't forget that tea exchange sign up ends soon! If you haven't signed up and are interested in joining us, sign up Here. ;)

How many of you girls have started school back up? I'm sure most of you have by now. :) 
I started up the first week of August, and let me tell you, it's been kinda rough. I HATE geometry. I've working really hard on it though. I've been enjoying school, but the math work has been really hard. Speaking of which, I need to get to work on more of it. :0
What math are you doing? (Algebra, Geometry, etc.) 

My P.E class starts back up this Wednesday, which I'm super excited about! It's a homeschool group that meets every Wednesday for, well, P.E! Me and my friend have decided to coordinate our outfits for the first day. We're going to go for a cat-theme. ;) (My space kitty leggings, and kitty t-shirts!) Then we're going to Taco Bell afterwards! I love that place. ;)

Do you go to a co-op? Or a homeschool group?

Well, this post is a bit short, but I have to get back started on math. :P
Wish me luck!

Have a sparkly day!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Awesome Food Award

Hey girls!
I've been nominated The Awesome Food award! This one sounds like so much fun, and I love food so it works! Thank you Trinity for nominating me!

Now here's how it works:
1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Did that!)
2. Answer the 10 questions asked.
3. Then come up with 10 more questions. They have to be food related though. 
4. Nominate 10 people. Please try to nominate at least one person!!

Trinity's questions for me are....

1. Cake or ice cream?
Do I have to choose? What about an ice cream cake? Okay, depends on my mood to be honest! Sometimes I'm craving ice cream and sometimes I'm craving cake! 

2. What is your favourite dessert?
Well, I love almost all desserts, but a few of my favourites are: Cherry sugar cookies bars, caramel sundaes (with extra caramel of course!), and cupcakes of all sorts (minus ones with chocolate frosting.)

3. What is your favourite fast food restaurant?
This one's easy!! TACO BELL!! I love that place. We normally go at least once a week. 

4. If you could only eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Maybe 2 slices of homemade pizza, a side of cheeseburger mac, a side of nachos, with a milkshake as a drink! Except for the fact, I'd be seriously sick after eating this and have serious cholesterol problems. ;P

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

6. What is your favourite pop (or soda)?
Probably Mountain Dew Code Red and Pepsi!

7. Do like gum? If so, what's your favourite flavour?
I like gum, but I don't ever have any.

8. Apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Apple pie probably!

9. Do you like mashed potatoes plain or with gravy?
Well, to be technical, I like them both ways A LOT, but it's definitely yummier with gravy! ;)

10. What is your favourite Mexican food?
Just one?! I love Mexican food! I love anything spicy or with cheese sauce! I'm not really sure what my favourite Mexican food is though. :)

Now to the questions for my nominees! My questions for you are....
1. Absolute favourite food of all time that you couldn't live without?
2. Do you like spicy food?
3. What's something you refuse to eat?
4. What's your favourite pizza topping?
5. What did you last eat for breakfast?
6. What did you last eat for lunch?
7. What did you last eat for dinner?
8. Do you have snacks?
9. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
10. What's your favourite restaurant to go to?

And to my nominees....I nominate....
And anyone else who wants do this tag!

Thanks you for stopping by and have a sparkly day!