Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sparkly Ambitions 1st Scavenger Hunt

Hey everyone! 
So now it's time for the scavenger hunt!! 
I only have 3 questions for it....and they are definitely not the best, but I was originally planning to sneak in answers over the past few months, but I hadn't been blogging so....these are the questions you have to answer! 
I won't be posting any of your comments until the giveaway ends which will be....Monday! You have until then to answer these questions! Now remember, IMPORTANT, you have to have notified 5 people of the giveaway...if you didn't then go back on my previous post and do that! ;) 

Here are the questions...I'll have hints at the end if you can't find it....
1. It's kind of a tradition for us to go to Taco Bell on "insert day here". (Everybody knows I love Taco Bell!!
2. What's one thing I did on my sweet 16? 
3. Name one fact about me from my August 2015 10 facts about me? (To be honest, my 10 facts about me probably needs to be updated, but....I'm not going to do that yet!)

Bonus Question!!
What's one of my favourite book series? It can be something I've read...or I'm reading right now, and if you don't know feel free to take a guess!

Everybody gets one bonus entry for each question correctly answered...

A real quick note! Does anybody have Instagram? I just got it yesterday! ;P 

And now for the hints if you must have them!!
For the first question, look in the post titled "Sleepovers and Taco Bell"
And the other two questions are really self explanatory, go to one of my Sweet 16 posts and go to my ten facts about me in August post. ;) 
Go ahead and start getting extra entries and the drawing will be on Monday! Good luck!
Have a sparkly day!
P.S Just a quick note, if you enter the giveaway, you are entered for all the prizes!
P.P.S Even if you haven't emailed 5 people there is still time! Just comment and let me know you've done that I can still enter you in the drawing! ;) 


  1. For your birthday you got a caramel frappe at Starbucks. Your favorite series is hunger books.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add that you like to go to Taco Bell on Sunday night. :)

  3. Hi Katie,
    Here's the (hopefully!) answers to your questions. :D
    1. You often go to Taco Bell on Sunday
    2. You went ice-skating
    3. You have red hair and green eyes.

    And I have no idea about your favorite book, so..... :P

  4. Hello!
    Here are the answers to the questions...
    1. Sundays
    2. You got a frappuccino.
    3. You have red hair and green eyes.
    For the bonus question I'll say...the warrior cat series, its on the side of the blog! ;P
    I hope I got them all right!
    Natalie C.

  5. My answers are...
    1. On Sundays 2. Ice skating 3. You like spicy food.
    and for four...mortal instruments!! You told me you were reading those the other day, so I hope it passes as one of your favourite series!
    Amy C.