Friday, June 3, 2016

Nail Art Tutorial #1- Beach

Hey everyone!
Today I'm here to share with you an awesome nail art idea (A beach nail art!) I discovered on Pinterest the other day! Ok, well more like a few months ago, and I just now got to doing it...
Anyway, it's very simple, and doesn't require a ton of fancy tools to get the design right. Like with any nail art, it does take a little while to do, mainly because of all the drying time. It IS suppose to look a little rough, because they are waves, and I wanted to give them a bit of texture! Let's get started! 

It's not that important which colours you use, as long as they are similar to the beach-y kinda colours. In case if you're wondering though...
From left to right the colours are.....
OPI Nail Lacquer in No Room for the Blues
NYC Long wearing nail enamel in Tudor City Teal 
Pure Ice in Bare it All (This is a sparkly gold)
and Julep in Shelly
The nail art pen above it is Kiss in black. 

I thought I'd also share this good dupe for the Julep colour. They're both practically the same colour, but the Julep one is $14, when I got the Color Craze at the Dollar Tree. The only difference is a SLIGHT difference in colour, and the pigmentation. The Julep one is more pigmented and only takes two coats, compared to Color Craze's 3 coats. 

Now on to the tutorial! Sadly, I don't have any pictures to share with you because I wasn't even planning on doing a tutorial until today. 
1. Paint your whole nails with your choice of light blue (like Julep or Color Craze).
2. Next, after it's completely dry, apply a one layer of a darker blue shade, a little ways up from the bottom of your nail. 
3. Just above the dark blue, apply a layer of sea green. It's fine if the colours blend a little. In fact, it may even look better!
4. On the tips of your nail, apply a glittery gold colour. This is the sand!
5. Finally, this last step is optional, draw a couple of birds with a black nail art pen, to the bottom of the nail, aka, the sky. 

Here's the finished product! I hadn't cleaned it up yet, in case if you notice it's a little messy on the edges! ;P 

There you have it! I'd love for you to try this design out, and maybe even send me some pictures of it, and I'll even put it on my blog! 
Would you like to see more tutorials in the future?
Do you like nail art?
Have a sparkly day!


  1. I loved this tutorial Katie. I'm going to have my daughter try it on my nails. She's better at painting nails than I am. )
    Ps. Check out my new giveaway.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Oooo, yes, you'll have to send me a picture please!! :) I think you have my email address! ;P