Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour Review

Hey everyone! 
I'm back with a new blog post! This time I'm doing a review on a recent lip product I bought. It's called Hard Candy Velvet Mousse matte lip colour. I had actually watched a YouTube video on it, and decided I wanted to test it out! I really like the Hard Candy brand, not only because it has many unique products (including colourful mascara!), but it's also cruelty-free, which is always a plus! ;) 
Let's get right into the review! I got it in Cherry Blossom (That was just my favourite of the selection, but they have a few more to choose from ;)) 
I REALLY like this product! The colour is very pigmented, and it is incredibly long lasting. Like I can put it on in the morning, and it'll still be there in the evening when I remove my make up, even through eating and drinking. It also has a very sweet scent! Now it is a LITTLE bit stickier than I would like though. It can transfer a little bit, like if you wipe your mouth on a napkin, it's going to come off. It really surprised me that it stayed as long as it did! It does hold to it's promise of being matte, minus a tad bit of stickiness! The only other thing I think they could have changed about this product is the brush. To me, it's just awful! It's just not firm enough to really apply it evenly, and it doesn't have that much of a point at the end, so it's not the easiest to apply it to the cupid's bow. Other than these minor points, it's a really good product! I haven't found a lot of lip products I'm that big of a fan of as I am this. It even came in a cute little box! 

This is the cute little box it came in! 

This is a swatch of the colour on my hand, it's not the best picture, but at least you can tell the colour!

Here's the brush it came with. As you can see, it wouldn't be the easiest to apply a colour as pigmented as this just because one little mess up, and you gotta take out that makeup remover! ;P 

Overall, I rate this product 4 stars! I really like how it almost stains your lips with the colour hours after you remove it. Like, you don't have to actual be wearing lip stick to have pretty pink lips! ;P My hand is actually stained a little from where I did the swatch, haha!
So anyway, have you ever tried this product?
What are some of your favourite matte lip products?
Would you like to see more reviews like this in the future?
Have a sparkly day!



  1. Do you think you could do a review or tutorial on something else other than makeup? :) It's fine if y can't...just a suggestion.

    Your new background is.......mysterious. :) I don't know if you noticed, but the about me text blends in with the background which makes it hard to read. Perhaps you could change the text color.

    1. Well, to be honest, that's kind of what my blog is mainly about, makeup and nail art. :)
      Yes, it's kind of a galaxy look. Yeah, I noticed, but I thought it was still readable. Or at least I can read it! Thanks for pointing it out tho! :)

    2. What kind of reviews and tutorials were you wanting to see?