Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10 Fun Ideas To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit!

Hey everyone! 
It's only 25 days until Christmas..can you believe that? It feels like the days are going by so quickly! ;P
Today, I have a list of activities you can do to get into the spirit of Christmas! Enjoy!

1. Go Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends! This is always a fun thing to do! (I just went Christmas shopping yesterday!)

2. Have a hot cocoa night! Bake some fresh cookies and make some homemade hot cocoa. I'm actually going to have a hot cocoa post with all sorts of different hot cocoa recipes (for example a spicy hot cocoa, or peppermint hot cocoa!)! Does this sound like a good idea?

3. Christmas movie night!! Pull out your favourite Christmas movie(s) and have popcorn and winter treats! (Don't forget the hot cocoa!)

4. Putting up the Christmas tree! Have everyone get involved and put their ornaments on! And then afterwards, have winter treats! (Apparently I want to eat a lot during the holidays!) ;)

5. Build a gingerbread house! Last year we got the gingerbread house village (It has 5 houses), and we each got to decorate our own house!

6. Have a slumber party under the tree! (Not literally under the tree....beside the tree!) 
Order a pizza, and later have a Christmas-y dessert! And don't forget the Christmas movies!!

7. Go out and get a special winter drinks! They have so many delicious flavours during this time of year! I'm going to Starbucks this coming Monday to get one of their Christmas drinks! ;) 

8. Make homemade Christmas cards for your friends and family! 

9. Drive around and look at the Christmas lights! We like to drive around our neighbourhood every year to look at the Christmas lights, and we always have hot cocoa and cookies too. ;)

10. Have a cozy night! Grab a book, sit by the fireplace, make yourself hot cocoa or tea, and have a small wintry treat!

Thanks for stopping by! 
What is your favourite Christmas tradition? 
Do you like to drive around and look at Christmas lights?
Have a sparkly day!


  1. I think my favorite Christmas tradition my family has is when my siblings and I(There are 8 of us) go Christmas shopping together!

    1. Aww, that sounds like fun! :) I LOVE Christmas shopping!!

  2. Those are great ideas! I absolute love driving around and looking st Christmas lights!

    1. Thanks! Oooo, that's awesome! :)