Thursday, December 3, 2015

Friends/Celestial Journey Poetry

Hey everyone! 
I've decided to republish some of my poems I published on my old blog Lilies of Grace! I wrote these back in August of 2014! ;) You'll have to let me know how you like them! 


Keep your friends close to your heart,
And with them you shall never part,
If they are true you will know,
They bring you back up when you are low,

Everything is better when there are two,
Makes it a better world for me and you,
Friends surely are a gift from above,
Someone you can trust, and cherish, and love.

My Celestial Journey

The beautiful heavens glitter from above, 
Reminding me of the glorious Saviour I love,
Moonshine reflects off the silvery stream,
Like one beautiful starry dream,

Oh how I wish I could be up there,
Soaring oh so high without a care!

The gleaming moon now crosses my way,
Thoughts fly through my head, on the crisp, green grass I lay,
Under my celestial blanket, I start to fall to asleep,
Now I'm shooting through space with my memories I'll always keep.

Thanks for stopping by!
Which one's your favourite? 
Would you like to see more poetry in the future?


  1. Those are absolutely amazing Katie! This might sound weird, but you should really publish a book of your poems! Many people, like me and my sisters for instance, love stuff like that. Even if it was just self published , you could have a poem on each page with a picture like the one above...

    1. Thanks Maddy!! You know what? Maybe I will!! I've been thinking about getting more into writing poetry again!! That's a good idea! Thanks!