Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winner of the Writing Contest!

Hey everyone!
It's time to announce the winner of the writing contest!! Now sadly, I only had one entry, so he is winner by default!! Congrats to Sir Chess King!!! 

Here is his story! 

The Curse of the Godrick

 Long ago, during medieval times, the illustrious kingdom of England was ruled by King William the Second and Queen Angeline. Their beautiful daughter, Princess Joseline, was fair and loved throughout the kingdom. Beyond the kingdom lay a dark, ominous cloud, forever unmoving. Up in this Cloud lived a huge, bloodthirsty giant named Godrick, feared by all. He tormented the villagers of London by stealing and shouting insults. Legend had it that someday a brave knight in shining armor would defeat the giant, and his name would be rejoiced throughout the land. Legend also said that the giant had a ferocious pet, but none believed this to be true.

   One day, the giant came down from his Cloud and came before the king and queen with a proposition. “I have come before you today from my Cloud of Darkness to propose to thee a proposition of great proportions. I shall leave thee kingdom alone forever, for a choice of a single one of your possessions,” Godrick bellowed with his mighty throat. The king and queen were baffled by how easy it was, looked to each other, and nodded.
   “Deal,” William said bluntly. Godrick handed them a contract that simply stated what the giant had said in big letters, and a magical quill that bound them to their word. They both signed it, pleased with themselves.
   “Okay, I shall take your daughter!” he shouted triumphantly.
   “Hey!” Angeline exclaimed. “You said a possession, not our daughter! She’s not a possession!”
   Godrick pulled out a pair of bifocals from his robes, having to crouch over the contract due to his great height. “Well, the fine print at the bottom states that the choice of possessions includes the king and queen’s daughter.” William grabbed the contract from the giant’s huge hand, and looked it over with a magnifying glass. He grew pale as read. He looked up, and rang a bell; and a servant came through the tall golden doors.
   “Yes?” the servant asked
   “Please send for Princess Joseline at once,” William requested.
   “Right away, sir,” she muttered.
   Angeline said, “We can’t give away our daughter!”
   “We have no choice!” William insisted. “That was a binding quill. We put down our signatures, we’re stuck with it!”
   “We shouldn’t have let ourselves be tricked by this oaf!” Angeline shouted. Godrick growled, but since he too was bound to the contract, he could do no harm to her. Suddenly, she burst into tears. A moment later, Joseline came through the doors with her long golden hair flowing behind her.
   “You sent for me?” she questioned, then frowned at seeing Godrick in the throne room. “What is he doing here?” Godrick smiled and pulled out a dirty brown sack. “What’s going on?” Joseline asked, stepping back slowly.
   “Well, we’ve been tricked, and, Godrick is taking you to his castle. We used a binding quill, so, we’ll miss you,” William finished. Then he too began to cry. Joseline frowned, and then started to run; but her dress got caught under her shoes; and she tripped and fell. Godrick was laughing as the sack went over her head, while Joseline screamed. Then, he was gone.

   Joseline woke up in a dark room and found herself hanging by a rope and gagged. She squirmed around, but it was no use. She could hear a strange sound coming to the left of the room and see what looked like a long, fluffy tail. Joseline moaned helplessly.

   The mournful news spread across the nation, leaving many to wonder the princess’s fate. A young knight, named Howard, who had long loved the princess, saw this as his chance to prove himself to her majesty.
   One day, he went before the king and queen, gave a low bow, and said, “Never fear, my lords, for I shall go to the Dark Cloud and face the giant myself!”
   The king and queen brightened at this, but William warned, “It will be tough and treacherous, and you must have the proper weapons and ride to reach the Cloud.”
   “Don’t worry, she is worth it, and I shall ride my handsome dragon Icelord!” At that, he set off to the armory to prepare for the quest ahead.

   Howard put on his shining silver armor and placed his helmet over his suave black hair. He grabbed a long sword and a shield and hopped onto Icelord. “Come on, boy!” he quipped. With an excited roar, Icelord took off toward the Dark Cloud, with the villagers cheering on their brave champion.
   The journey was simple, as they were there within ten minutes, but the hard part was yet to come. Once they had flown over the castle walls and landed, Howard considered his next move. He came to a solution on how to find the princess and whispered to really no one at all, “In stories, the princess is always locked in the tallest tower!” He looked around and saw two structures: the giant’s castle and a tall, ominous tower just as he had hoped. The tower had ledges and thick ropes.
   “Stay here, Icelord, for I shall be back soon. Just be ready for when I need to make a quick escape with the princess, assuming she’s in this tower.” With that, Howard ran off toward the tower. When he arrived, he was quite surprised to find that the pillars were fuzzy and coiled with rope. He decided to use the pillars to climb. He kept going for a few minutes until he finally reached the uppermost room. In the back, he saw Joseline dangled from a rope and gagged. To his left, he saw an ominous, shadowy, fuzzy lump that happened to be snoring. He guessed this was what guarded the princess, so he decided to be as quiet as possible. He tiptoed slowly to the princess, and was about to cut her loose when the shadowy lump suddenly lunged at him. He spun around and tumbled to the right. He was quite shocked to see that the creature was a huge, fat cat, about one and a half times the size of the average horse, who boasted sharp claws and glimmering teeth. The cat lashed at him, so he retreated to the back of the room. He saw a big food bowl to the left with the word Fluffy inscribed on its side. Fluffy wrapped her tail around him and lifted him off the ground. Howard himself owned three cats, so he racked his mind on what to do. Then he noticed a giant bag of treats in the back right corner of the room. He loosened himself and managed to slip away. He reached the bag, gave it a good kick to knock it down, and grabbed one of the giant treats. The cat, who had been in pursuit, stopped abruptly and enlarged its pupils.
   “Go get it!” Howard encouraged as he tossed it to the back left corner. As the cat pursued it, he hurried to Joseline and cut her loose.
   “How can I ever repay you?” she asked joyfully.
   “Don’t thank me yet,” Howard replied. “We still have to make our escape!” They had almost made it back to the arched entryway, when Fluffy, who had followed to catch her prisoner, hooked her claw onto Joseline’s cloak.
   “Leave me alone!” she cried, and then she kicked its paw and came loose. Fluffy sat there stunned as the two jumped from the ledge onto Icelord, who had been waiting at the entryway. Godrick had heard the commotion and stepped outside. When he saw the fleeing dragon, he unsheathed his sword and swung it at Icelord. Icelord swerved dropping his two passengers. They fell to the ground, but luckily weren’t hurt. Howard watched Godrick and formulated a plan.
   “Joseline, you see the well in the middle of the grounds?” he asked.
   “Yes,” she replied.
   “Well, we need to draw Godrick to it and have Icelord push him in!” Joseline beamed at his brilliant plan and ran over with him. As planned, Godrick followed them to the well. Icelord, being a very smart dragon, saw what he needed to do. While Godrick’s back was turned, he swept down and pushed Godrick, causing him to lose his balance.
   “Nooo!” Godrick cried as he plummeted into the well followed by a loud thump and cracking sound. Howard lifted the giant’s sword, which had been dropped, with heave and took it as a trophy. They clambered onto Icelord and were about to take off, when Fluffy, who had been under Godrick’s control, climbed down from the tower. She gave a meow and came toward Howard, almost seeming to apologize. Howard patted the dragon’s side; and the cat hopped on, Icelord carrying everyone away.
   When they returned to the kingdom, everyone rejoiced. The king and queen were thrilled to be reunited with their daughter. Howard was named Sir Howard the Gallant. He and Joseline got married, they took in Fluffy along with Howard’s three cats, and everyone lived happily ever after.

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  1. Hm. Did you post before about the writing contest on your blog?

    1. Yeah, I did. :) I announced it in the same post as I posted about the photography contest. :) I believe you may have actually commented on the post. Do you see the post? :)

  2. Was this a cool story?(Sir Chess King)