Saturday, April 9, 2016

Follow Up Post~The Real Me

Hey everyone! 
I'm sure most, if not all, of you have read my most recent post "The Real Me~For My Readers".
I feel the need to do a follow up post...this is the last post I'm doing on religion, and I am going back to post my normal stuff after this. I just felt the need to discuss this topic. 
Now, the point of "The Real Me~For My Readers" post, was NOT to get judged, and just to let everybody know my views on certain topics, and let THEM decide if they were still comfortable following someone who didn't share their same religious views. 
Honestly, I did feel a bit judged by a few of you, even if you meant well. I decided not to respond to any of the comments or questions, because I don't want to pick and choose which comments I reply to, because then that's me judging your comments. So if you had a question, just out of curiosity, not being judgmental, feel free to message me personally about it, and I'd love to answer it. 
I don't mind answering just out of curiosity questions, about why I believe these things, as long as it's not being pushed to judgement eventually. I feel that my relationship with my God is very personal and not really open to discussion. 
I've had a few of you come to me saying that you're praying for me or have come to me trying to reason why my beliefs aren't the correct ones. I don't want any of this. The point of my post, like I said, was NOT to get judged. I don't need or actually WANT any of your prayers, I would just like people to accept me for my beliefs, and move on, and actually learn about the person that I am, not just judge me on whether or not I believe gay marriage is acceptable or not acceptable. 
I've already lost a couple of people because they didn't want to talk to me anymore after they found out that my beliefs didn't match up to theirs. I'm just glad that I caught these people early though, and now I won't feel really hurt if they judged me later on in our friendship. A true friend wouldn't judge someone that quickly just because their beliefs didn't match up. A few of you though, have accepted me and just moved on, and I really do appreciate that. Nobody should be judged on their beliefs.
I'm moving on to my regular posts again now, and I'm not really open to discussing this anymore. If you have a problem with my views, I don't want you to give me a list of Bible verses and pray for me, please. I just would like my views to be accepted, even if you don't agree with them. That's totally fine! 
I think I've covered all I would like to cover.
I hope you have a sparkly day! 


  1. How are people supposed to have a sparkly day after reading those past post?

    1. Really? This is the kind of judgement that I was talking about in my posts. Like I said before, if you don't want to read my blog anymore, then I'm not forcing you to stay here.

  2. You rock girl! Don't ever be afraid to be YOU!!