Sunday, January 10, 2016

About Me Questions, Ask! ;)

Hey everyone!
I really haven't posted much this year yet, but I'm more of getting my ideas together more than anything. 
So first, here's my project for you. I would like you to give me questions. It's come to my attention that I post stuff about what I like, but not a lot about me, so I would like to know what you want to know about me! Obviously I won't be answering any creepy or inappropriate things, but for example a question could be what are some of your hobbies, or maybe even something about my favourites, like my favourite colour. Just whatever you would like to know! And I'll add some extra questions of my own. ;) So hopefully I'll have my about me post up soon.
Ask away!
Have a sparkly day!


  1. Hi!
    What is your favorite color?
    Why did you name your blog Sparkly Ambitions?
    How many pets do you have?
    Do you like dogs? or just cats?


    1. Thanks!! These are some good questions! I'll have to be posting my about me post soon! ;)