Monday, June 29, 2015

Guest Post with Ashley

Hey girls!
Today I have a guest post from my awesome friend, Ashley!

Hello Everyone!
I want to start off by thanking Katie for allowing me to do a guest post on her awesome blog. :D
My name is Ashley, and I blog at Precious Moments.I hope you go over there, take a look, and follow my blog by email. I also have a crochet store. It's called Ashley's Crochet Corner. I can make baby hats, booties, headbands, pot holders, etc. So if you know anyone that is in need of some baby things, tell them about me, please. :) Or if you would like to purchase a headband or something else, just shoot me a message and I will be happy to make it. I don't have them for sale yet, but if many people are interested, I will start adding fingerless gloves and other things to the store. If you would like to order something that's not listed, just email me and I will work with you. :) The money goes to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Lord get Bibles. Voice of the Martyrs does a wonderful job getting the Scriptures to those who don't have it. Please remember to keep them in your prayers, as they are suffering alot for Jesus Christ.
I just wanted to throw something else out there. If you are in need of a new blog design, and you want a picture you took to be on the top of your blog, or you just want a different simple design, I would be glad to assist you. I love helping people with their blogs, so if you want pages, contact me box, button, or whatever else you can think of, I would love to help you add those things onto your blog for free. Just contact me using the contact me box on the right side of my blog.
That's all I have to say for right now, so thank you again Katie for letting me do this guest post. I hope you all have a good and godly day!!
In Jesus' love and bountiful grace,Ashley

If you haven't read her blog, I would definitely suggest checking it out! She has some great stuff on there! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

P.S If any of you would like to do a guest post on my blog, just let me know, and I'll see what I can do. ;)


  1. great post! I'm always up for writing a guest post:) feel free to email me if you want :

    1. Ok, awesome! I'll be emailing you soon! Thanks for stopping by!